Khamsa X Wedding

I have a love for events, food and dessert!

I was contacted by a lovely couple to cater for their wedding. My reaction? YES! I do. I mean yes I would love to cater for your wedding.

I was so excited and anxious.

1. I had never met the couple.

2. who are these people trusting me with their big day?

3. this is my first wedding, and it needed to be perfect because again this was my first wedding to cater for!

and it was a SUCCESS!

Being in the kitchen and having my lovely helper Lama come back with empty plates, meant only one thing, not only that everyone was probably super hungry, it meant that everyone was loving my food! My heart was bouncing with joy, excitement and relief!

The cake was Khamsa's Signature Vegan Orange Cake with Rose Icing, Layered with Fig and Pistachio.

Its always a nice touch to have a grazing board for guests to pick at while they are arriving and breaking the ice with other guests.

The entree's were eggplant boats stuffed with a maftoul salad (Palestinian Cous Cous), and Pumpkin croquettes with tahini. The mains vermicelli rice, with Bamia (Okra served in a tomato sauce) and Cauliflower and Potato in a Tahini sauce.

The lovely couple <3

Emma the bride provided 5 Star feedback to Khamsa for the wedding:

Thank you for reading!

If you have an event coming up soon, you know where to find us :)

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