Diner En Blanc - Sydney - 2017

Khamsa Goes To Diner En Blanc

For the last couple of years, I have wanted to make my way to Diner En Blanc and have awaited an invitation since registering my interest and 2017 was the year I finally got to go! Who wouldn't want to dine with another 6K people dressed in all white?

To make the event even more special and memorable we made our own flower crowns for the event. It was a test of our friendship as we burnt our fingers and somehow I had a leaf with hot silicone fly on to Rana's freshly done hair. We laughed it off and went OTT with our crowns.

We opted to take our own food to Diner En Blanc, made by yours truly, KHAMSA. As you have to take your own tables and chairs with you, your table setting and decorations (yes you carry your whole house with you, luckily we had organised a trolley). For the tables I found the ikea set HÄRÖ / FEJAN to be the cheapest and best option as you need something that folds and is light to carry.

We wore all white from head to toe, with our beautiful matching flower crowns and made our way to the pick up point in Haymarket. The bus then took us to the location that was announced once we boarded which was Centennial Parklands.

For the food I organised a vegan cheese board and dips, Salads and dessert.

I chose the following selection of vegan cheeses:

Danoma Brie

Persian Style Feta

Sprout & Kernel Pepper Corn Nut Cheese

I must say the Persian Style Feta by Organic Botanical Cuisine was an absolute winner on the table!

I arranged the three cheeses on a board with edible flowers, fresh figs and sun dried tomatoes from Harris Farm Markets. Around the cheese board I had prepared some beetroot humus, guacamole, humus, and baba ghanoush

I couldn't take photos of my salads as my battery had died just in time! but I had made a soba noodle salad, glazed miso pumpkin, and satay tofu rice paper roles. And the cake was a vegan orange and rose cake, and the little cakes are my blueberry banana cakes!

The weather was amazing not a cloud in sight, we all arrived and began to set up our tables, and then waved our napkins with the other 6K attendees, next we started feasting on our food. After dinner we had a dance, and then we all lit our sparklers together and continued to dance the night away! - Until we had to carry our whole lives back to the car!

Would it be a party without a Boomerang though?

I felt like we had all died and woke up in heaven to party it was that white! It was such a magical night filled with laughter and great memories. The crowd were friendly and all there to have a good night. The event has a beautiful history and it was great to be a part of it this year.

I know I will be making this event a yearly plan!

However for next year I think I might need to choose my dress more wisely this is the Evie Lace Jumpsuit from Sheikh as another 20 beautiful woman were also wearing it! 2 of them happened to be on my table!

Thank you for reading guys! Make sure to send me an email on sarah@khamsa.com.au if you would like to know more about my Plant Based Catering options for your upcoming events. Diner En Blanc didn't provide a vegan option, and with the festive season around the corner no order is too small, if you need a vegan hamper to take to your family events!

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