For as long as I can remember my auntie Hajer would cook for our whole family every day of the week, breakfast, lunch and dinner was always available at our Seedo's (grandfathers) house because of her, for the 3 meals of the day she would make the best Palestinian spreads to feed over 50 people a week. Its in our culture to have the most amazing dinner feasts! I learnt so much in the kitchen from the women in my family.

For me I was born in Australia with Palestinian Heritage and grew up in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Malaysia combined, from there I brought together all my cultural experiences of food. I love using flavours from all the countries I lived in or briefly visited, wether its using rose water in my cakes and Matcha in my desserts, Zaatar on my pastry and styling grazing boards the european way. You will always see an international influence in my food!

I came home to Sydney in August with all that I had learnt in 7 months in London, ready to take Khamsa to the next stage and it is still a work in progress and has been since 2014! I launched my website, and got straight back into what I love doing, baking, creating and sharing my passion for food with people!

Ive thought about opening a cafe, food truck, market stall for as long as I can remember, and people tell me I should all the time, however I am just waiting for the right time! I came up with this idea that maybe I can just connect with cafes and host a night where I can show case my work and do a pop up dinner!

So I teamed up with Concrete Jungle Cafe in Chippendale and I organised a Plant Based Christmas Feast with Chef Bryan O'Callaghan who is the head chef at the cafe created the mains for the night.

And heres what happened on the night! Our first collaboration:

Sunday 17th of December 2017 - 6 pm - 58 Kensington Street

Chef Bryan O'Callaghan created a hemp inspired theme for his mains and sides pictured below;

Khamsa made the following for the night:

We had mocktail's flowing all night for our guests with two options designed by Khamsa, Karkade Iced tea and Watermelon Matcha;

Grazing Boards with a selection of Botanical Cuisine and Sprout and Kernel Cheeses accompanied by Khamsas Zaatar Twists & Baba Ghanoush, Beetroot Dip, Hummus, and Tatziki;

For the desserts I made Panna Cotta two ways both on a bed of raspberry coulis drizzled in a creamy icing one was Matcha and the other was Charcoal;

Khamsa Baked a selection of cakes for guests to enjoy while networking with each other after the dinner, we had a dessert table with Khamsa's signature Vegan Orange Cake with Rose Icing, Chai Spiced Bundt Mini Cakes with Caramel Drip, Banana Coconut Mini Loafs, Cinnamon Mini Cakes and Mini Carrot Pudding;

Khamsa the brand has added Herbal Middle Eastern Tea hampers to the venture and we hope to be able to grow this idea. At the event every guest was able to take one of our 5 teas home, the range is Rose Petal (Zaher Tea), Hibiscus (Karkade Tea), Sage (Maramia Tea), Chamomile (Baboonej Tea) and Olive Leaf (Zaytoon Tea). These hampers are available to custom order all year round! Send us an email to find out more :)

Khamsa could not have made the night happen without all the support I had from family and friends and everyone who believed in me and bought a ticket to the event! We had such a great night and my heart is still racing from all the positive feedback. We would love to make these events happen more often, and we are always on the look out to collaborate with cafes and food businesses! xo

Khamsa would like to extend a big thank you to Sydney Brunch Crawler, Thriving of Plants, Paul Papaya Salad, Sydney Vegan Guide for all the efforts in taking the beautiful photos I have used in this post. We would also like to thank Nadine from Sisters With Soul who made an amazing playlist for the night and hosting the event, a big thank you to Nina our superstar all rounder who helped make the night run smoothly! And last but not least my Dad Issa who helped me keep my shit together the week of the event, who woke up at 6 am the day before to take me to the markets, and went on multiple shop runs for the things I forgot! He was my life line xo

Click here to see the playlist from Sister with Soul from the night!

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